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Bodacious Tungsten Weights

Bodacious Tungsten Weights

The Bodacious Baits Tungsten Weights offer a more compact presentation thanks to the higher density of their tungsten composition over lead. Their extra small profile allows them to slip in an out of various structure without snagging, and since tungsten is much harder than lead as well, they also make double the sound when they hit against a glass bead or rock. Coated with a chip-resistant Seal Coat finish and featuring insert-free technology for increased sensitivity and no frayed lines, the Bodacious Bullet Weights are also eco-friendly - helping to protect our fisheries for future generations.


1/8 oz / 4 per pack

1/4 oz / 3 per pack

3/8 oz / 3 per pack

1/2 oz / 2 per pack

3/4 oz / 2 per pack

1 oz / 1 per pack

3/4 oz punch weight / 2 per pack

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